Trinity CPM, LLC

Property Management Experts for the North Texas Areas

Trin�i�ty - noun - /ˈtrɪnɪti/

(2) a group of three closely related persons or things.

- Merriam-Webster Dictionary



Trinity CPM, LLC (Trinity) was formed with the purpose of bringing quality real estate property management to the Trinity River region of North Texas, a belief in the core concepts of teamwork and cooperation between multiple parties toward a common goal, and the culmination of three areas of expertise to lead in the company effort. 


We believe property managers exist in a position of responsibility to our clients, our employees, our tenants, and the community.  Maximizing operational performance and providing a quality work or living environment for tenants promotes the best possible result for both investor and tenant.  Over the years, our company leaders have seen the benefits of attentiveness and the pitfalls of neglect to these key groups.


  • Property Owners: To our owner clients, we dedicate ourselves to managing their investments to maximum value through machine like efficiency and predictability so they can be as passive or active as they desire.


  • Tenants: To our residential and commercial tenants, we work diligently to create a quiet, comfortable, and welcoming environment for you to live or work.


  • Employees: To our employees, we appreciate our relationships and seek to keep them growing in both length and value through company growth, stability, and a dedication to hiring, training, and promoting from within whenever possible.


  • Community: We work to forge a relationship with the city, surrounding businesses, and neighboring residents.  By working hand in hand with the community leaders, we help create a more vibrant community while enhancing the public image of our properties.

Trinity's operational structure is also built around the cooperative and unified concepts of our name.  Property Management, Accounting, and Investments are all departmentally separate but interwoven toward service to our clients.  Click on each name below to learn more about our leadership team.