Trinity CPM, LLC

Property Management Experts for the North Texas Areas


We realize that not every property management company is the same, especially when comparing services offered.  Below you'll see a sampling of just some of the services we offer our clients.

Facility Management:  This is the physical operations of the property which include services such as:

  • Marketing, Leasing, Collections, and Evictions
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Government Interaction (HUD, Police, City Inspections, etc.)
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Accounting: This service is all about the cash in and cash out:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Banking Deposits, Paying Bills
  • Payroll Accounting
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Investments and Market Analysis: This service deals with where the property is, where the property could go, how to get there, and more.  It answers questions such as:

  • "Who are my competitors?"
  • "What can my property do to best position itself in my immediate market location?"
  • "In today's market, what price could I expect to sell my property?"
  • "What expectations should I have about the immediate market my property is in?"
  • "Are there known environmental hazards around my property?"
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Below is a brief introduction to our philosophy.  There are more than one video so scroll please scroll down.

Each video is best viewed in "Full Screen".


"Seize Opportunity, Reward Yourself, Trinity CPM, LLC" - An introduction to our overall philosophy that real estate investors need more than what most property management service providers offer; that's why we created Trinity CPM, LLC.

"Seems Simple Enough" - Our philosophy includes that it's about trying to process thousands of checks every month without error; it's about processing one check perfectly and then repeating the process thousands of times.

"Problem with Leasing?" - If there aren't systems in place to support the tenant or resident to want to stay at the property for the long term, you'll just be leasing all over again real soon... which costs in vacancy, leasing fees, tenant improvements or make-readies, advertising, and more.